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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


My passion for nutrition is a byproduct of my degree in medicine and my love of food. Just like medicine, the nutrients in food can be used to fuel our body, improve our health and prevent diseases. But as people we do not buy and eat nutrients, we buy and eat food – and more importantly, we like to enjoy it. My approach to teaching nutrition is from a medical standpoint and aims to bridge the gap between what nutrients our bodies require, and the food we like to eat. 


Having lived in several countries prior to the UK, such as the United States, Germany and Bermuda, I observed that ‘fad’ diets and trends occur everywhere. However, there are certain principle aspects of nutrients that are both universal and ancient. Medical progress is fueled by discoveries; nutritional progress takes us back to basics.

“New discoveries” in nutrition are often not very new at all. For example, the popular Paleo diet mimics the eating habit of our ancestors – whilst fairly recent super foods such as quinoa have been central diet constituents in countries like Peru for centuries. 


“Medical progress is fuelLed by discoveries;
nutritional progress takes us back to basics” 


As each client’s medical history is unique, I aim to provide personalized nutritional advice that is relevant to the individual. I have a fundamentally medical approach to improving my client’s health, be it mental or physical, through their diet. By analyzing their medical history, as well as blood tests, I am able to apply my medical knowledge into addressing what exact nutrients they are missing. Through this I can provide them with scientifically supported information, rather than promoting current trends or nutrition that is popular in the media. 


In 1995 I completed my medical degree at the Medical Academy of Moscow, Russia. After several years of travelling, and raising my daughter, my interest in nutrition grew further and I completed my postgraduate diploma in Applied Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University in 2010. I had also completed the BCDG dermatologist course 3 years prior.  

I am currently teaching the nutrition course at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons as well as working with the Westminster Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre.