Start your day with a smile

My daughter not only shares my name (no it's not a tradition) but my passion for smoothies. When she was young, I used to create exciting, healthy and balanced smoothies for her breakfast.

Having lived in different countries over the years I learned a lot about different types of grains, fruit and milks.

At the beginning, organic bio yoghurts and sugar-free probiotic drinks were my go-to ingredient. Even though Nat wasn’t allergic to cow’s milk, I soon discovered that almond milk is an amazing alternative to dairy. There is so much goodness in raw almond milk that I substitute it in porridge and smoothies.

Amaranths are another wonderful ingredient that are a must in our Bircher muesli, porridge and smoothies.

Recently Nat has started to develop her own delicious versions of the breakfasts I made for her as a child and having had the pleasure of trying them there is no doubt who makes the best!

Click on any of the images below to see Nat’s nutritious and flavoursome breakfast ideas and start your day with a smile.